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A listener writes “Hi wes, my name is Mike. I’m from Mississippi. I met a researcher in 2010 when he lived in MS and we became friends.

He took me to my first hotspot and proved to me BF existed. We got whooped at in a National forest from about 20 feet! Anyway, he moved but I kept going out there and started leaving fruit. Stupid I know NOW but I didn’t know enough back then to be scared. Once I went out there and left my money at home. But went to check on them anyway. The food had been taken out of the cooler so I set it upright and began the walk back to my car, it was about a mile walk.

Halfway back I started hearing strange chimp like noises from where the cooler was back there. I started walking faster, then green pine cones started landing all around me so I started running to my car!

Right before I got to it something right behind me sounded like a lion roar that morphed into a mad bull elephant and finally into a woman being murdered. It was so loud and powerful I fell down and puked. I got back up and got the hell outta there driving 50 miles back home.

I told my girlfriend, she didn’t believe me and just said lets go to bed. It was about 1030. At about 1130 something began banging on the house. Happened 3 nights in a row. Ill be glad to tell you the whole damn story, regards”