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I will be welcoming two guests to the show. Blake writes “I grew up in Mcnabb County in south Arkansas. I had an encounter there while hunting and have had two more encounters since then.”

I spoke to Blake today and he talked about his first encounter he said “I heard what I thought was another hunter. This thing was walking up an incline coming right to me. As it got to the top of the hill I was expecting to see some hunters’ orange but this thing was all black and very large.

It face and whole head was covered in hair and the only thing I saw was a human like nose sticking out. I must have stepped on a twig because this thing turned and huffed at me. As soon as it was looking at me I took off running. Everything is kind of a blur but when I stopped to catch my breath it became apparent that this thing was following me out from the side of the trail…”

I will also be speaking to Eric, who writes “My name is Eric I would like to share my encounter story. I will give you a brief outline. We can discuss more if you’re interested. It happened in BC about 10 years ago in remote area east of the fraser river, north of Hope. A friend of mines family owns a logging company. My friend and I would go get equipment left behind.”

I spoke to the witness and he said that him and his friend were camping one night and they heard strange vocalizations and had rocks thrown at them. They assumed it was people messing with them. Eric’s friend would get up with his gun and yell into the wood line telling whoever it was to stop or they were going to get shot.

When the rocks continued to be thrown Eric’s friend got up and fired off a shot in the air and that is when this thing sounded like King Kong and was knocking tree’s over. The men decided to sleep in the truck. As soon as daylight came the men decided to leave and on the way out there was a tree that had been ripped out of the ground and placed across the road.

The men got out of the truck and one kept the rifle while the other one cut the tree up. The men noticed two large figures up in the wood line watching them.

Later they told the father who owns the logging company and he shrugged his shoulders and said “yeah those things happen…..”