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A hunter discusses his encounter in Colorado. As the two men slept in their tent something walked up and smacked the tent three times.

Here is a portion of the encounter as the third hunter returned to camp and the men were sitting around the fire: “My view of Matt had in the background the tent and a row of trees ten yards beyond it. Daylight was still hanging on, but would slide into dusk within thirty minutes. As I stared at Matt’s face while hearing him elaborate, bipedal movement of a grey form caught my eye. Usually when I see something grey in the forest, it’s what we deer hunters seek.

Immediately my eyes left Matt’s and locked onto a large, broad-backed figure slipping through the trees about 30 yards away. It traveled from right to left, and seemed to be going away from where our tent stood. It was very tall, and its light grey hair was clearly visible. Its hair was all one short length, starting at the top of its head and continuing without break down its neck onto its massive shoulders and back. Seeing its V-shaped physique struck me unusual because normally people up there on the mountain don’t go around shirtless. We wear either vests or jackets while hunting in the high country. This being wore nothing. It was quartering away as it moved between the lodgepole pine trunks, so I never saw its face.

When Matt saw my eyes shift away from his, my head cocked to the side for a better view around him. He stopped talking, and swung around to see what I was looking at. The creature I saw walked upright, unlike the horizontal body orientation a deer or elk would have. It was exactly the same shade of grey as a mature timber buck, which probably helped draw my eye to it. “What the…?”, I muttered. It continued to pass between several trees that were spaced about five feet apart…”