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A listener writes, “Hello Wes, Doug Hajicek Here, I was the creator and producer of MonsterQuest, Legend meets Science, Mysterious Encounters, Giganto the real King Kong and many other TV shows. I recently worked with Les Stroud on his bigfoot shows as a Tech director.

Anyhow, I just wanted introduce myself to say how much I really enjoy your Sas-Chronicles and compliment you on your super nice friendly manners and the great respect you show witnesses and guests. You also always ask great questions, take the topic serious and your commentaries always compliment your interviews. You are a very talented host who is no doubt gaining endless-connect the dot knowledge base on this on-going mystery. Your show has helped even me connect dots by hearing so many witnesses back to back and I’ve been doing research like 27 years now.

I got in to this crazy mystery and mainly produced my shows to communicate good BF info to the public as I was a BF researcher first, but happened to be a wildlife/ natural history producer who just applied my production skills to producing the shows on a subject that I was most interested in and researching everyday anyhow. My interest began like most when I crossed path with one of these creatures at a fairly young age and then again in the far north in the early 90s, been a lot of years now trying to find answers.

My son is also now a dedicated field researcher after he traveled with me to Snelgrove Lake, Ont. Canada and experienced the wrath of creatures first hand. He has also been in search of answers ever since.

Anyhow love to visit with you sometime when you get spare time. I have had many life changing experiences for sure to share with anyone who wants them shared. We certainly have plenty in common.”