Salem With Brian “BORAH!” Sims

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Salem has a long history with witches and witchcraft as the site of the infamous trials of the late 1600s. Since those dark times, the town has grown to embrace people of all walks of life and is a popular tourist location, especially during the Halloween season. In fact, the town can be quite crowded during the holidays.

So, Gary and GoldieAnn thought we would bring a little bit of that Salem magic to you with one of the town’s premier street ambassadors, Borah Brewington Snaggletooth XIII. This cranky, green-skinned witch is a positive, entertaining, and sometimes mischievous witch that roams the streets year-round and especially during October. Borah can be found spreading magic, engaging with people, and officiating weddings.

Join Gary and GoldieAnn as they take a walk Within the Mist to meet with Brian “BORAH!” Sims to talk about the rich history, but most importantly, the Salem of today. Perhaps we can even convince them to share some of their poetry so as they say “Hop on your broomstick and let’s see where they carry us.”

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