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Stand up comedian Ryan Singer has in-depth interviews with people possessing paranormal abilities or experiences outside the ordinary. He sits down with people from all walks of life to discuss their experience as empaths, mediums, UFO experiencers, cryptozoologists, members of secret societies and much more to help himself better understand his past experiences with people possessing supernatural abilities. Please call the hotline 818-839-0593 with questions, comments, suggestions, or your experiences and stories.

Sacred Geometry – 3rd Ear Bonus 67

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Sacred Geometry is behind, inside, and outside of every single thing we know, see, and feel. Is there an intelligent design that goes into the creation of all things from its smallest part to its largest? Science seems to think so, but it is a source of debate whether or not there is something or rather someone behind that design and designing. One thing is for certain, it is blowing my damn face off researching it all.
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