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Hello dear listeners and welcome back to another episode of The ODDentity Podcast on the Podmoth Media Network, your foray into the weird, wonky, and sometimes downright spooky.

This episode contains subject matter that may be unsuitable for some listeners. Discretion is advised.

There’s a lot to read here, so the TL/DR version is:

Buy a shirt: bonfire.com/oddmaste

Episode 6 might be delayed. If it is, it will drop in July as I’ve got a lit rag to publish in June. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

I’m re-recording some of the cohosted content from the podcast’s past so it better reflects the new format.

Not the TL/DR version:

As you know, this podcast has been around since 2017 and has gone through a couple of cohosts. In an effort to make sure the content from cohosted episodes gets some play (I removed the cohosted episodes as they were low audio quality and don’t represent what the podcast is today) I’ve gone back through the archives to ferret out some of the research that really shouldn’t fall to the wayside. There are hours upon hours of research sitting in the old Haunt Heads binder and I want to make sure it sees the light of day. To that end, I’ll be recording some of these as solo episodes so they’ll match the current format and sound quality. Way back when there weren’t too many ear holes tuned in and I’m hoping that hearing these tales in the new format will bring you weird and wonderful joy.

Before we get started, I just wanted to let you know that a new shirt is available on the Bonfire site. I think it’s one of my favorites so far. The shirt reads, “ODDmaste /noun/ the oddness in me honors the oddness in you.” Do I do yoga? No. Have I ever done yoga? No. But if you’re into yoga or not and you’re certifiably odd like me, you’ll agree that this shirt is a must-have for any oddball. Makes a great gift for that loveable weirdo in your life. Visit bonfire.com/oddmaste to purchase!

On to a little podcast housekeeping. This is episode 5 which means there are only two episodes left before the end of the season. I have someone lined up for our episode 6 interview, but if the timing doesn’t work out just right, that episode might have to get bumped for a few weeks. There’s also another Off Week Weird coming your way next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Bumping episode 6 back might mean the end of the season won’t come until July 5th. I also run a literary journal and will need the month of June to get the spring/summer issue in order.

Last but not least, at the end of this episode there will be an advert for a pod on the PodMoth Network as well as an ad for the Fireside Phantoms Podcast. Take a moment to give those great pods a listen and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Link to original article: https://hauntheads.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/chillingham-castle-most-haunted/