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Hello dear listeners, and welcome back to another episode of The ODDentity Podcast on the PodMoth Media Network, your weekly foray into the weird, wonky, and sometimes downright spooky.

This week, I’ll introduce you to Daniel Dunglas Home, a Scottish physical medium with the ability to levitate, speak with the dead, and produce rapping and knocks in houses at will. His biographer Peter Lamont stated that he was one of the most famous men of his era.Harry Houdini described him as “one of the most conspicuous and lauded of his type and generation” and “the forerunner of the mediums whose forte is fleecing by presuming on the credulity of the public.” Home conducted hundreds of séances, which were attended by many eminent Victorians and was considered to be the foremost authority in the practice of mediumship.

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Joseph McCabe, Is Spiritualism Based On Fraud? The Evidence Given by Sir A. C. Doyle and Others Drastically Examined.

Daniel Dunglas Home, Incidents In My Life

Sherrie Lynne Lyons. (2010). Species, Serpents, Spirits, and Skulls: Science at the Margins in the Victorian Age



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