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This week, I bring you an interview with Cindie Harper, an author and the Director of Historical Research and Paranormal Documentation of Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation and Sweet Springs Sanitarium in Sweet Springs, West Virginia. Cindie is also the official paranormal documentarian for Sweet Springs Sanitarium. Cindie’s connection to the paranormal runs deep. In childhood, she experienced seeing mist-like apparitions and poltergeist-type activity. She used cassette recorders and cameras to conduct her own paranormal experiments and enjoyed reading and collecting ghost stories. Cindie has many years of experience in paranormal research and maintains an active role within the paranormal community by managing tours of Old Sweet (as it’s affectionately called) and continuing to document paranormal experiences. 

If you enjoy this week’s episode and would like to learn more about Sweet Springs Sanitarium, you can visit their website at http://www.sweetspringssanitarium.com. You can find them on Facebook as haunted sweet springs and on Instagram @sweetspringssanitarium.

For more information about Cindie’s books, visit her Amazon author page at amazon.com/author/cynthiaharper. I’ll drop a link to her Memorial Cemetery book into the show notes.

For more stories about Cindie’s experiences with the paranormal, find her page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hauntedharper/

If you’d like to arrange a private paranormal investigation or exploration of Sweet Springs Sanitarium, please email Cindie at: sweetspringssanitarium@gmail.com 

If you’d like to donate toward the preservation efforts at the sanitarium, you can go to https://www.sweetspringsresortpark.org/donate.


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