S4 EP3: Living a Radically Healthy Life with Troy Casey

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Troy Casey, also known as the Certified Health Nut, is an author, entrepreneur, health and fitness expert based in Sedona, AZ who was kind enough to record a podcast interview with me during my Southwestern road trip.  In this candid interview, I speak with Troy about his journey into health and nutrition, the psy ops involved with the hippie movement, the current state of the world post-covid, the divide among health and nutrition experts, his views on spirituality, easy to follow health advice, plus a whole lot more!  Check it out (link in bio) 



Instagram: @certifiedhealthnut

Twitter: @MrHealthNut



Moonstone Quill Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm_3T-EAEFTN5pIXWZWHV4A