S3:E39 – NEVER Whistle at Night: Creepy Legends & Lore From Cultures Around The World

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On this episode we discuss Why You Should Never Whistle at Night.

Legend has it that whistling at night is an invitation to the spirits of the dead, who, attracted by the sound, will come and haunt you. The sound of your whistle pierces the veil between the living and the dead, drawing them closer to you with each haunting note. But it’s not just the spirits of the dead that you need to worry about.

There are tales from all over the world and throughout time that bring the mythic past to the modern world as evil lurks waiting for you to whistle an innocent tune that might just end your existence.

So, if you ever find yourself walking alone at night, resist the urge to whistle. There must be something behind the scary warnings of our ancestors. Hop in and we will take you on a ride into the dark realms where whistling is dangerous. What have you been told about whistling at night? Who told you? Do you believe the tales?



Never Whistle At Night – 0:00
Intro – 2:04
It’s Night Time, Baby! – 3:23
Cultural Beliefs on Whistling – 8:40
Terror in The Northern Skies – 18:02
Totally Necessary Nic Cage Intermission – 18:56
Walrus Head Soccer Games – 26:12
The Pastor’s Son – 29:01
Dwarves of Ghana – 40:02
Mary Stayed Up Too Long – 43:47
Patience by Guns & Roses, Also a Bad Choice – 48:56
Slavic Grandmother Spins a Yarn – 50:16
Closing Thoughts: 52:20
Outro:  56:21

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