S3:E28 – Avoid These Haunted Forests At All Costs | Vol. 1 | These Woods Are Known For Their Hauntings

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Are you looking for the best haunted forest for a refreshing yet terrifying adventure? We are here to help. Don’t forget to pack something to protect you from evil.

Taking a stroll through nature can be a much needed retreat from the never ending rat race of day to day life. It’s been said that hiking in general keeps your mind sharp, boosts your mood, helps increase your creativity and cements a positive relationship with the natural world around you, among a slew of other benefits. However, as is the case with anything, there is a flip side to that coin as well.

Yes, there are the obvious dangers that should be taken into account; attacks by wild life, getting lost, or even taking a wrong step and getting injured in a place with little to no cell service. But what if these places harbored more mystery than predators, and rough terrain alone? Countless deaths and mysterious disappearances take place in the deep woods, far outside the roaring streets of life in the city.

Today we aim to shed some light on the mystery, peek behind the dense blanket of branch and leaf, put our ear to the ground and listen to the dark history of some of the worlds most haunted forests.



What Lurks Beyond The Branch & Brush – 0:00
Christian Taunts Listeners w/ a Jaunty Tune – 2:11
Christian Receives his Just Desserts – 4:38
Haunted Forest #1: Japan’s Aokigahara Forest – 6:28
Haunted Forest #2: The Hoia Baciu of Romania – 21:52
Haunted Forest #3: The Killer Woods of Germany’s Black Forest – 29:26
Haunted Forest #4: Freetown-Fall River State Forest is Horribly Named – 43:10
Haunted Forest #5: The Pine Barrens of New Jersey – 39:35
A Strategically Placed Walton’s Reference – 45:23
One Last Thing – 46:16

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