S3:E27 – Hiking Horror Stories | Vol. 1 | True Tales of Horrifying Encounters On The Open Trails, Campfire Horror Stories & More

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Fireside Chanting Cults, Tree Knocks in The Deep Woods, Demons in Shrubbery & Vortices all come together in this weeks episode of Hiking Horror Stories! Have you ever encountered something you simply cannot explain while going for a stroll through nature? We’d love to hear your story! Shoot us an email, or comment your experience via any of our social media pages!




The Fireside Chanting Cult – 0:00



Story #1: Tree Knocks In The Deep Woods – 6:42

Story #2: The Guide, The Guest & The Yahoos – 11:28

Story #3: The Sedona Vortex Thunderbird – 18:38

Story #4: Trouble Brewing in Big Sur (& Other Witch Puns) – 25:41

Story #5: I’m Sorry is that a Demon in the Shrubs? – 35:20

Story #6: The Ghostly Man In Black – 41:28

Story #7: The Wailing Specter of The Valley – 45:31

Let’s Talk Hiking – 49:54

One Last Thing – 51:03


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