S3:E2 – (Part 2) Hollow Earth. Operation Highjump & Admiral Richard E. Byrd (Feat. Ethan Wagner)

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Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky! After a few week hiatus following Season 2’s Summer Break, we’re excited to kick things into high gear for Season 3! We’re starting things off with a bang in a 2-Episode Season Premiere on Operation High Jump, Hollow Earth & Admiral Richard Byrd featuring Guest Host, and Scott’s oldest friend, Ethan Wagner.

In Part 1, Christian leads us down the tale of Operation Highjump, an expedition to Antarctica, and the story of Hollow Earth found in the alleged diary of Admiral Richard Byrd. In Part 2, the boys discuss their theories surrounding the story, and weigh the legitimacy of the Admiral’s alleged diary.

Both Episodes are Streaming Now!

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