S3: EP68: ‘A Ghost Named Dave, The Lainey & Ben Story

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THIS IS A MUST LISTEN SHOW!  We are so honored and delighted to have Lainey & Ben on tonight’s show.  There are basically three reactions people have to a ‘Haunting’. Most commonly, most of us ‘fear’ what is not known.  On a ‘rare’ occasion, some of us try to understand it and learn from it.  In Lainey & Ben’s case, they have decided to ’embrace’ the haunting and try to understand it.  Why it’s happening?  How can they ‘help’ the spirit?  How can they co-exist with ‘Dave’ and his ‘friends’.   Their delightful and sometimes comical reaction is a breath of fresh air in the ‘paranormal’ world of youtube.

They have set the internet on fire with their incredible video mini-documentaries of poltergeist activity in their home.  They took a big risk and decided to post and share their experiences.  Putting their careers and reputations on the line.  Unfortunately, this decision has opened themselves up to some very nasty and harsh comments from the internet trolls. (A special ‘Kudos’ to them for their recorded response.)

Paranormal Road believes their story and their videos.  With our experience in paranormal investigations and watching their facial expressions and reactions, Lainey and Ben are telling the truth.   Yes, it is possible to ‘fake’ these video’s.  Some of you may not believe their story.  After-all, we have always said that our listeners must decide for themselves what they hold to be true.    Regardless of your belief,  if you decide to comment on tonight’s show, remember to be respectful and kind.    Enjoy the show!