S3. Ep 5 – Dowsing, Earth energies and the Grail with Rory Duff

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In this episode I talk with Rory Duff about Earth energies, the grail, and much more exploring his work on these topics. Rory is one of the leading pioneers in the World in the understanding of Leylines and Earth Energies and how their frequencies can be highly beneficial as well as dangerous. He came up with the first ever classification of Earth Energies which is now used by thousands of people around the World. He has mapped more of these lines around the World than anyone else by a long way and he was the first to fully map all the major energy lines that could be found over an area of 200 square kilometres – something that took him an hour a day for six years.

To find out more about Rory, his books and videos, please visit https://www.roryduff.com. The video that we discuss in the podcast may be found at his youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ZOzuZy8-E

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