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When last we saw our trusty explorers, they were stuck playing an alien game show that was rigged against them! Can Abigail solve the riddle posed in the game? Did the listeners solve it for her? Is the damage done to Jonathan’s fragile ego too much to bear? Affirmative on all counts! Tune in to see how the explorers finally get off the game show planet, and what bad omen follows them up into space.
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Many thanks to Mark Greenberg of the Mayfair Workshop for his theme music. Much of the background music you hear throughout was made by Visager, off his album “Songs from an Unmade World 2,” and used via Creative Commons. We also played a song by Eric Skiff from his album, Resistor Anthems, also via Creative Commons.
The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a sci-fi story podcast for kids, and is proud to be part of the Kids Listen collective of makers of quality audio for kids.
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