S2E5 – Risk is the Path to Progress

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Zuri and her crew finally depart for the Canvasse. Sharp starts exhibiting unusual behavior. Amanda makes preparations for her final move. Garis resorts to extreme measures to get Zuri back.


Written by Nate Fisher  

Script supervision by Jason Borrajo  

Sound Design and Score by Nate Fisher   

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen  


This episode featured the original song Moon/Space/You by Louvena the Scout (used with permission). Moon/Space/You can be found on all major music streaming platforms.



Zuri – Felicia Hebner  

Mira – Megan McMulkin  

Sharp – Jeff LaFortune  

Alan – Christopher Edwards  

Dash – Jake Spencer

Garis – Jeff Scalph

Dave – Eric Zeissler 

Amanda – Jenny Enriquez 

Jones – Tatyana Yerxa 

Watson – Demetrius Watson

Carter – Michael Hoffert

Luna – Kimmy Andreson 

Sarek – James Eik 

Rochan – Benjamin Briggs

Delores – Jami Austing 

Bartholomew – Tim Linton 

Mika – Nate Fisher 

Solara – Becca Horn 

General Graves – Philip Kolocotronis 

Sergeant Evers – Josh Portillo 

Tom – Matthew Schaefer

Keenu – Philip Trad 

Strike – Kendra Whetmore


Special Guests from Starship Excelsior:

James – James Heaney

Camila – Jacqueline Lucca

Neil – Sam Gillis

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