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Zuri and Mira argue over the best course of action to save Delores. Sarek confirms his suspicion that Garis is hiding something. Alan gets a chance at redemption when he faces another life or death situation. Zuri and her crew make a shocking discovery.

This episode featured original songs including Ships by Nate Fisher and Valeri Lohrman and Tongue Tied by Nate Fisher and Megan Eileen (AKA Megan McMulkin).

Tongue tied is available for purchase on the Fennec Fox website and available to stream on all major music platforms!

Written by Nate Fisher

Sound Design by Nate Fisher

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen> https://ayaristudio.com

Score by Nate Fisher

Top Cast:

Zuri: Felicia Hebner

Mira: Megan McMulkin

Alan: Christopher Edwards 

Agent Sharp: Jeff LaFortune

Special Guests from Starship Excelsior:

James – James Heaney

Camila – Jacqueline Lucca

Neil – Sam Gillis

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