S2E4 – The Snallygaster (Feat. Sarah Cooper) and The Black Eyed Children

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Driving South from Abilene to San Antonio, TX, the Talegaters encounter The Black Eyed Children and are visited by The Snallygaster! The Black Eyed Children are a relatively recent phenomenon only dating back to 1996. A local journalist named Brian Bethel claimed that children with completely blackened eyes aggressively insisted he let them into his car but needed permission before entering similar to vampires. The sensation he received from these children were described as “a soul-wracking fear.” Ever since, many testimonies and CreepyPastas have sprouted across the internet with similar encounters, some even claiming the children had bird feet.

The Snallygaster is not a Texas Legend, but one that began in Fredrick, Maryland. folklorist, Ed Okonowicz wrote the following description: “The creature has been described as having a very long wingspan, claws with sharp talons made of hot glowing metal. A long, pointed beak, and a third red, blazing eye in the middle of its forehead.”  Though the Snallygaster began making American headlines in the early 1920’s, their legend crossed the pond with German immigrants in the early 18th century, continuing in Pennsylvania Dutch communities. The word itself stems from the German term, “Schnellegeister,” meaning “quick ghost.”

Sarah Cooper voices Snally Fields, the Snallygaster in this episode. Sarah is the chief curator and founder of The American Snallygaster Museum in Fredrick, MD. You can follow her and stay updated with the museum, events, and all things Snallygaster by following her on Instagram, @americansnallygastermuseum. She also co-hosts the podcast, Manic Pixie Dream Ghouls, so give them a listem!

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“Snally Field” played by Sarah Cooper
“Cheese Head” played by Aaron Sherry
“Florida Man” played by Harrison Foreman
“Talegate Theme” by Mat Jones

Written by Harrison Foreman
Edited by Aaron Sherry

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