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Garis goes to new lengths to cover for Zuri’s absence. Zuri reveals the reason she accepted assignment on the Canvasse. Alan and Sharp have a heart to heart on the way to Las Vegas, followed by a gut-wrenching encounter.  


Written by Nate Fisher  

Script supervision by Jason Borrajo  

Sound Design by Nate Fisher   

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen  



 Zuri – Felicia Hebner  

Mira – Megan McMulkin  

Sharp – Jeff LaFortune  

Alan – Christopher Edwards  

Garis – Jeff Scalph  

Dash – Jake Spencer 

Dave – Eric Zeissler  

Sarek – James Eik 

Rochan – Benjamin Briggs  

Amanda – Jenny Enriquez  

Martinez – Andre Demond 

Jones – Tatyana Yerxa  

Carter – Michael Hoffert  

Watson – Demetrius Watson 

Scarver – Jason Klinger  

Solara – Rebecca Horn  

Jade – Megan Froman 

Luna – Kimmy Andreson 

Dolores – Jami Austing 

Keenu – Phillip Trad 

Dmitri – Josh Portillo 

Hernandez – Benjamin Briggs 

Kip – Benjamin Briggs 

Transient – Demetrius Watson 


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