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Sharp performs emergency surgery on Mira and Dave reveals his true intentions. Sharp and Alan prepare for a risky trip to Vegas for supplies, all the while Martinez and his team get closer to tracking down the aliens.


Written by Nate Fisher  

Script supervision by Jason Borrajo  

Sound Design by Nate Fisher  

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen 



 Zuri – Felicia Hebner  

Mira – Megan McMulkin  

Sharp – Jeff LaFortune  

Alan – Christopher Edwards  

Garis – Jeff Scalph  

Dave – Eric Zeissler  

Rochan – Benjamin Briggs  

Amanda – Jenny Enriquez  

Martinez – Andre Demond 

Jones – Tatyana Yerxa 

Carter – Michael Hoffert 

Scarver – Jason Klinger 

Solara – Rebecca Horn 

Coran – Shelby Sullivan 

Dexa – Kayla Trad 

Keenu – Phillip Trad


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