S2:E03 | Mt. Shasta: Legends & Lore, Pt. I | Lemurians, Missing 411, Ominous Chanting & Weird Cult Hullabaloo

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There exists a mountain, in the northern woods of California rumored to hide a great city beneath it’s peaks. It’s host to an unusually high number of myths and legends, spanning Native American folklore, and reptilians, to ufo activity, an inhabitance of technologically advanced human beings, and even a mystical brotherhood. With stories of secret tunnel entrances and intricate cave systems, polished walls featuring veinings of gold, and silver, this mountain has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, igniting the imaginations of all who hear of it’s history¬† like a torch of curiosity that’s been passed from generation to generation desperately searching for answers that we may never receive.

Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky! In today’s episode the gang sits down for Part 1 of Mt. Shasta: Legends & Lore, in what will most likely end up being a 3-4 part series spanning Season 2 and possibly beyond!


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Sources From Today’s Episode:

Real Demonic Possessions & Exorcisms by Zachary Knowles

I Conjur Thee Thou Old Serpent by Joseph P. Laycock


Reddit’s r/IAmA

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