S2 EP16: Reading a Human Design Chart with Pea the Feary

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(Discussion begins at 12:22)

Dan opens the episode with an astrology forecast for the week of January 18, 2021, to January 24, 2021, followed by an interview with artist and Human Design expert Pea the Feary.  Pea goes over the basics of Human Design, which is a New Age system of mapping out the energy centers of the body by blending astrological, chakra, and I-Ching systems.  Pea then gives Dan a reading of his chart, explaining the different centers of the body and the channels that connect them.  This is a great episode if you’re interested in learning the basics of Human Design. 

Before listening to the episode, try casting your own chart at www.geneticmatrix.com to follow along as Pea explains the system.

And check out Pea’s links below!

Website: https://www.peathefeary.com/

Book a Human Design Reading: https://www.peathefeary.com/work-with-pea

Cheat Codes Podcast: https://www.peathefeary.com/podcast-feed

Instagram: @peathefeary

Twitter: @peathefeary

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