S2 EP14: The Astrology of 2021 with S.J. Anderson

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 (Discussion begins at 9:15)

In this week’s (late) show without a real forecasting section in the intro, Dan speaks with astrologer S.J. Anderson all about the astrology of 2021.  This year ahead forecast is a long, free flowing conversation that includes astrological references that span decades and centuries, with a lengthy introduction where Dan and S.J. reflect on 2020, reference the larger cycles that we’re experiencing now, speculate on good and bad scenarios with the difficult astrology that we face, plus a whole lot more!  The second half of the conversation references S.J.’s top five strong/significant transits of 2021.  Patrons of the show get the unedited extended version this week, although a lot was left in for the free listeners since this is such important information.  Either way, to support Dan and his cosmic endeavors with this show, visit patreon.com/cosmickeys !  

SJ’s Links:

Website: https://sjanderson144.com/

Twitter: @sjanderson144

Instagram: @sjanderson144

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/sjanderson144