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A member of the crew is missing…


Distressing/Nightmarish noises – Distorted audio with twisted speech and sound plays (3:17 – 4:56)

Reference to Violence/Death – Skeletons of aliens killed by suffocation and violence are described (8:20 – 8:37 & 10:32 – 11:00)

Discussion of Genocide/Mass Murder – Discussion and speculation on mass alien death, including the possibility of one group of aliens murdering the other due to political differences (20:12 – 24:15)

Death/Violence – A human killed by violence is discovered and described (37:06 – 37:55)

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Episode Transcript


Kathy – Jordan Cobb @inkphemeral

Laura – Lindsey Dorcus @LindseyDorcus

Adrienne – Julia Eve @juliaeve_voice

Ben – Chris Magilton @chrismagilton

Gordon – Graham Rowat @GrahamNY

Celia – Shakira Searle

Harry – Sam “Raethr” Nguyen @Raethr_VO

Janine – Lucille Valentine @severelytrans

Harris – Anthony Morales @TonyrayVA

Jensen – Allison Brandt @WorstHeroEver

Logan – Dylan Chambers @D33DAA

The Computer – Devin Madson @DevinMadson

Theme music by Oliver Morris @oliverrmorris