S1E32 – The Elizabeth Lake Monster / Leathery Winged Dragon of California’s Los Angeles County

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Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky!

Today the gang tackles The Monster of Elizabeth Lake! A truly bizarre tale near Christian & Scott’s old stomping grounds in California. Although there have been no reported sightings since the 1880’s, there were a few from 1830 all the way up to 1886. The creature has been described as having bat wings, the neck of a giraffe, the head of a bulldog, six legs, a length of at least fifty feet, and emit a horrible nauseating stench (what a stud, amirite?). Several ranchers and owners of land around Elizabeth Lake abandoned or sold their property at losses to get away from the beast. Supposedly Spanish missionaries dubbed the lake Laguna del Diablo and Native American Legend also supports the rumors that the Devil created the lake.

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