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S1E30 – The Hmong Nightmare Deaths | The Curse of Dab Tsog & S.U.N.D.S

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Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky! Today the gang tackles the Mysterious Nightmare Deaths of over 100 Hmong Refugees during the Late 70’s & 80’s.


During the 1970s and 1980s, many of the Southeast Asians were not able to worship properly due to the guerrilla war against the government of Laos with the United States. Hmong people believe that when they do not worship properly, do not perform religious ritual properly or forget to sacrifice, the ancestor spirits or the village spirits do not protect them, thus allowing the evil spirit to reach them. These attacks induce a nightmare that leads to sleep paralysis when the victim is conscious and experiencing pressure on the chest. It is also common to have a REM state that is out of sequence where there is a mix of brain states that are normally held separate. After the war, the United States government scattered the Hmong across the country to 53 different cities.  Once these nightmare visitations began, a shaman was recommended for psychic protection from the spirits of their sleep. However, scattered across 53 different cities, these victims had no access to any or the right shaman to protect them from this syndrome. Hmong people believed that rejecting the role of becoming a shaman, they are taken into the spirit world. In a medical journal, the author suggested that the Hmong who died were killed by their own beliefs in the spiritual world, otherwise known as Nocturnal pressing spirit attacks.


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