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Adrienne and Gordon are concerned about glitches with Herodotus tech. Ben and Harry try to unlock and translate alien recordings. And Kathy and Celia investigate the story behind the lone Proximan skeleton found in the control room with the cube.


Violence/Death – Discussion of mass death by suffocation/gas (17:30-18:25 & 21:44-23:33)

Medical/Forensic Procedure – An alien skeleton undergoes analysis (18:25-21:44)

Threat of violence – A death threat is issued (34:20-34:25)

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Episode Transcript


Kathy – Jordan Cobb @inkphemeral

Laura – Lindsey Dorcus @LindseyDorcus

Adrienne – Julia Eve @juliaeve_voice

Ben – Chris Magilton @chrismagilton

Gordon – Graham Rowat @GrahamNY

Celia – Shakira Searle

Harry – Sam “Raethr” Nguyen @Raethr_VO

The Computer – Devin Madson @DevinMadson

Theme music by Oliver Morris @oliverrmorris