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I hope you’ve got your learning caps on, cuz I’ve got a BUNCH to teach you about this episode! Our otherworldly friend Hematite has come to visit today. If you’re feeling cloudy or disconnected this is the stone for you. I’m going to dig into cleansing methods specifically in this episode. For example: When to cleanse? How do you know when things may need cleansing? And how do I even go about doing that??

Far-reaching, well-traveled Juniper is our plant focus for the podcast. Juniper is on your side and ready to go to battle for you. We talk “smoke cleansing” and the differing opinions on white sage. I challenge you to find things to put into your practice that resonate with you, your personal culture, and your history. There’s something so strong about finding traditions and rituals that fit you and your beliefs. Where you come from can help you connect to the magic within you. Which leads me to present to you the Scottish Folk Magic practice of Saining, a fascinating cleansing ritual. I walk you through what I’ve learned about this process and how it is changing the way I practice.

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