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(Explicit) Three friends offer wildly different theories on paranormal events, the unexplained and all things freaky. Each episode the hosts cover a topic from their personal perspective. Scott is a believer in the paranormal, with personal experiences to back up his claims. Christian is a skeptic that believes all paranormal events can be boiled down to natural scientific phenomena and the inner workings of a complex mind, and Heather is a newcomer to the genre, offering her two cents on each of the topics at hand to tip the scales in favor of the believers or the skeptics. A podcast filled with freaky stories, immersive sound design, tangents and horrible jokes, centered around 3 friends that have vastly different opinions on how the world operates.

S1E23 – Bohemian Grove: Sacrificial Safe Haven or Embarrassing Elite Retreat?

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**HEADS UP! We ran into a couple of mishaps with the audio on a couple clips of today’s episode, mainly mic’s cutting in and out. It doesn’t happen through the entire episode, only a couple sections, but for the life of us, we couldn’t figure it out, so…”Nevertheless, they persisted.”** 

Today The Gang tackles the Mysteries of Bohemian Grove. Speculated to be a safe haven getaway for the rich and famous, the global elites, and puppet masters of the world we occupy. Many web’s have been weaved surrounding this bizarre compound, the rituals that take place there, and the secrecy surrounding it. Is there some merit behind these macabre claims, or is Bohemian Grove nothing more than a posh, and at times quite embarrassing, campground for the global elite? We’ll throw you the pieces, you decide for yourself!

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