S1E21 – Tales From The Ouija: Pt 1 | Scary Ouija Board Stories, History & Lore

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Today the gang tackles the Ouija Board! In part one of a new mini-series, Tales From the Ouija, the gang discusses the history and lore surrounding the mysterious boards, followed by a handful of allegedly true frightful experiences people have encountered at the hands of this seemingly innocent board game. Submit your personal experience with the ouija board to thegang@thefreakydeaky.com for a chance to be featured in Part 2!

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Do you have any horrifying experiences from using a Ouija Board? We’d love to hear it! Send in your personal experience for a chance to be featured in Part 2 of Tales From the Ouija. Visit us online at thefreakydeaky.com to submit your encounter, browse TFD merch, and more! Or send your personal experience to¬† thegang@thefreakydeaky.com.

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