Observe And Report

Hosted ByNate Fisher

A Sci-Fi audio drama about Zuri, a young alien who becomes stranded on Earth

S1E2 – Crop Circles

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Zuri takes a big risk in order to prove herself as a pilot. Agent Sharp and his team prepare for extra-terrestrial contact.

Special thank-you to Valeri Lohrman for the featured song “2020.” > https://open.spotify.com/artist/30O1TZaCyV02mpKIUlHJNn?si=lGlgbNCZTBSuC0vd9ERqsA Used with permission.

Special thank-you to JTACTIC5 for the featured song “With Your Love.” > https://soundcloud.com/jtactics/losing-yourself Used with permission.

Top Cast:

Zuri: Felicia Hebner

Mira: Megan McMulkin

Alan: Christopher Edwards

Agent Sharp: Jeff LaFortune

For a full cast and crew list, visit observeandreportpodcast.com

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen> https://ayaristudio.com

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