The Freaky Deaky

Hosted ByScott Walker, Christian Turner & Heather Gottschling

(Explicit) Three friends offer wildly different theories on paranormal events, the unexplained and all things freaky. Each episode the hosts cover a topic from their personal perspective. Scott is a believer in the paranormal, with personal experiences to back up his claims. Christian is a skeptic that believes all paranormal events can be boiled down to natural scientific phenomena and the inner workings of a complex mind, and Heather is a newcomer to the genre, offering her two cents on each of the topics at hand to tip the scales in favor of the believers or the skeptics. A podcast filled with freaky stories, immersive sound design, tangents and horrible jokes, centered around 3 friends that have vastly different opinions on how the world operates.

S1E16 – Crawlers & Ghouls & Pale Humanoids Oh My!

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On today’s episode of The Freaky Deaky, the gang tackles the relatively new cryptid known as Crawlers. We cover several alleged encounters with said creatures, and discuss possible explanations, including the most plausible take, them being nothing more than misidentified ghouls. Shoutout to the r/CrawlerSightings subreddit for the stories, as well as the National Cryptid Society ( for their thorough write ups of some of these crawler encounters. #keeplifeweird

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What are your thoughts on these alleged Crawlers? Do you think they’re nothing more than misidentified humanoids, or do you think they deserve a category all their own. More importantly, do you have an experience with these pale creepy creatures of the woods? We’d love to hear em! Send an email to

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