The Freaky Deaky

Hosted ByScott Walker, Christian Turner & Heather Gottschling

(Explicit) Three friends offer wildly different theories on paranormal events, the unexplained and all things freaky. Each episode the hosts cover a topic from their personal perspective. Scott is a believer in the paranormal, with personal experiences to back up his claims. Christian is a skeptic that believes all paranormal events can be boiled down to natural scientific phenomena and the inner workings of a complex mind, and Heather is a newcomer to the genre, offering her two cents on each of the topics at hand to tip the scales in favor of the believers or the skeptics. A podcast filled with freaky stories, immersive sound design, tangents and horrible jokes, centered around 3 friends that have vastly different opinions on how the world operates.

S1E11 – Skinwalker Ranch Pt. 1

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Today, the gang gathers in their new makeshift studio to discuss some of the history and lore of Skinwalker Ranch in Part 1 of our 2-Part Episode on Skinwalker Ranch. Join us next week for a look inside the alleged entities known to be seen and occupy the ranch and surrounding property. What are your thoughts on Skinwalker Ranch? Do you have a favorite story that we didn’t cover on today’s episode? Send it, along with your personal theories surrounding the Ranch to


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