S.3 Ep.7 – Talking Magic and Voodoo with A Voodoo Queen

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I talk with Timna, a Vienna-based Voodoo Queen about this tradition, magic generally and a whole lot more. In June 2021, after completing her training, she was ordained a voodoo queen.
Over the years, she has been taught several magical directions by various mentors. Her grandmother taught her the basics of European folk magic. She also learned the basics of shamanism. Then a Discordian magician took her under his wing and taught her the Discordian magic, which emerged from chaos magic under the guidance of the goddess Lady Eris Discordia. In addition, she is a member of a small circle in which, in addition to the Lwa, the Nordic gods and the ancient Slavic gods are represented.

You can find more about her and the services that she offers at www.viennavoodooqueen.com. Her instagram is www.instagram.com/mrssamdi She is giving free readings on twitch from time to time, her channel is: www.twitch.tv/viennavoodooqueen

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