S. 3 Ep. 3 – Dreamwalking and Slavic Shamanism with Phoenix the Elder, Part Two

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Phoenix the Elder is a master dreamer, dream teacher, dream walker, time jumper, mythologist, lunar-synchronist, empath-healer, karmic soul initiator, meditation teacher, oracle seer, and exorcist in waking and night dreaming. She mastered Zen in the mid-90s, has taught zen meditation, began yoga at 18 years old, and has lead large group journeys and soul journeys for a few decades. She’s worked with stone massage, wildflower essence healer, seer readings, I ching and qi jing practitioner. A devout study of the applications of Chinese, Arabic, and Mediterranean Mythologist and her own Slavic, Balkan and Baltic traditions of healing and mythology of the grandmothers (not paganism).

She is an Artist who makes Slavic traditional folk doll talismans for those seeking healing, for their spiritual path or any other focus in life. She began her regular spiritual path with astrology when she was 17 years old (1975) when she was in high school and began to practice yoga when she turned 18 until the early 00’s.

Find out more about Phoenix at her website – https://eldermountaindreaming.com/

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