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There are times while researching the paranormal that I say to myself, “okay, now I’ve heard it all”. Perhaps it’s because I believe that we’ve exhausted all probable theories regarding a particular subject, or maybe it’s because I think that the eyewitness encounters couldn’t get any more amazing or extraordinary than the ones that I’ve previously heard. But as many times as I’ve thought these very things myself, the world of the paranormal consistently and overwhelmingly proves me wrong. And today is one of those days.

As you know, I cover a very broad range of phenomena here on the show, and I’m not afraid to cover topics or aspects of a topic that may not be popular with “mainstream enthusiasts”. I try to focus on the personal stories and not on whether or not their experience falls in line with what we “think” we know, and today’s show is a perfect example of this.

Last week, I came across an interview that was posted on August 1st of this year on a YouTube channel called Bigfoot Odyssey. The interview was conducted by Kerry and Daniela of Bigfoot Odyssey, and the interviewee was a gentleman by the name of Mark Barton. Mark is a Bigfoot researcher on a YouTube channel called “The Trail to Bigfoot”. I found this interview interesting for several reasons, and therefore I wanted to share it with you. I reached out to Kerry at Bigfoot Odyssey, and he has graciously allowed me to share the interview audio on today’s show.

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