Rusty Quill Announcement

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Hi everyone… I wanted to make a brief, but very important announcement before we jump into tomorrow’s premier of Season 3 of The Storage Papers. If you haven’t already heard, The Storage Papers has officially joined the Rusty Quill Podcast Network. Rusty Quill is famously known for their podcasts, The Magnus Archives, Stellar Firma, Outliers, and Rusty Quill Gaming.

They’ll be distributing and marketing all of our episodes in Seasons 3 and 4. This won’t affect the way you listen to the show, and the main feed is still free to listen to, but you’ll definitely be hearing more content, introduced with that iconic “Rusty Quill presents” intro. It’s largely attributed to our partnership that we’ve committed to 20-episode seasons going forward, and we’re thrilled to be bringing you these episodes bi-weekly starting tomorrow, and every other Tuesday.

In addition to The Storage Papers, we think it’s important to let you know that Rusty Quill has brought on 4 additional shows as part of their network along with us. The podcasts, Cryptids, The Deca Tapes, How it Ends, and Old Gods of Appalachia are all top-rate shows and we’re honored to be amidst such formidable names in podcasting. If you haven’t listened to these yet, please check them out! You may be hearing more about them soon.

We anticipate that many of you listening to this may be new listeners. For that reason, it’s important for you to start out with Season 1 before you dive in. In the beginning, it seemed like a random collection of documents, but we’re learning that may not be the case. We have so many things in store as we move full-steam ahead with Season 3 tomorrow, so if you don’t want to be left behind, make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Twitter @storagepapers. You can also join our active Facebook Group, our new Patreon campaign at, and our new Discord community – all of these details are of course available on our website at Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

So welcome to our new Rusty Quill family members! We’re so glad you’re here to experience the exciting news, and thank you once again for listening.

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