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Hey kids,

I know this wasn’t what you were expecting.  You were expecting me to introduce our latest paranormal investigation!  But it’s not done… its SO CLOSE… but it’s not ready.

SO, next week you’ll be getting TWO long episodes all about the history, legends and lore of the Lemp family along with our investigation in the mansion.  But this week we’re giving you Halloween in May!

Russian Forklore is one of our all time favorite bonus episodes.  We released it in October of 2020 and it features Ashley, your Keep It Beard host Amy, AND your Keep It WEIRD host Lauren!  And that Halloween was all about… Russia??

Amy brings us a spooky listener story that sparked her interest in what is known as a “house spirit” or DOMOVOY.  And Ashley got to research her favorite creepy grandma – BABA YAGA!

We laughed, we cringed, we went home fully vodka drunk.