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Richard welcomes the Rock and Roll Detective to discuss his career researching, consulting and writing about the history of Rock music and Rock legends.


Guest: Jim Berkenstadt has spent a lifetime researching, writing, and consulting in pop music history. His books on the unreleased recordings of The Beatles (“Black Market Beatles”) and the making of Nirvana¬ís seminal album Nevermind are critically acclaimed. Berkenstadt has served as a consultant to The Beatles (Apple Corps Ltd.), George Harrison, The Traveling Wilburys, the band Garbage, and many International Record Labels.

He is currently the co-star of two pop culture TV series on the Reelz Channel: Celebrity Legacies and Celebrity Damage Control. As founder of Rock And Roll Detective, Berkenstadt’s firm offers a number of specialized and confidential services to music artists, record labels, music download sites, TV and film productions, auction houses, and museums.


Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed https://www.amazon.com/Mysteries-Musi…

The Beatle Who Vanished https://www.amazon.com/Beatle-Who-Van…

Nevermind: Nirvana https://www.amazon.com/Nevermind-Nirv…

Listen live every Sunday at 11pm on Zoomer Radio