RobMcConnell Interviews – REV JESSE LEE PETERSON – Women Are Beneath Men And The Bible Says So

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The mainstream media partially blamed the loss of candidate Hillary Clinton on “fake news.” President Donald Trump labeled the media the “opposition party,” and accused them of being “fake news.” But does the media intentionally “fake” the news? Over time, don’t they generally get the facts correct?

In 1999, the media said planes would crash because computers couldn’t handle the switch to the year 2000. Now they claim global warming will drown southern California if we don’t honor climate treaties. Is this the path of misrepresentation President Trump has been speaking of? President Trump is lashing out against “fake news,” but the question is, does he have a point?

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson tells President Trump, “Keep tweeting, and tell us the real story!” He uses his book,”The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood”to look at the future of America, the division and lies created by media, liberals, and RINO politicians.

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