Robert W. Sullivan IV | Royal Arch of Enoch, 1717, The Art of Memory Architecture, and Washington D.C

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Robert W. Sullivan IV, Author, Lawyer, Historian, Antiquarian, Jurist, and Philosopher, Joins me for a conversation about the beginnings of Freemasonry, The Royal Arch of Enoch, The Discovery of the Book of Enoch and The History of Freemasonry in the United States. I asked him to explain Freemasonry’s influence on Law, Science and Culture from their beginning in 1717 to Governor DeWitt Clinton, William Morgan and the Anti-Masonic Movement of the early 19th century. Rob explained the Art of Memory and it’s role in Masonic Planning and Architecture, the consideration taken for celestial and geomantic energies and the symbology of the Keystone State and the District of Columbia. Mr. Sullivan also disclosed the 3 wonders of the world that were replicated by the Masons here in The US. All of this information is available in his book The Royal Arch of Enoch.

My Friend Micah Dank, Author, Researcher and Speaker Joins me for the extended Outro!

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