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Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio is a talk show that interviews the American Bigfoot Researcher, witnesses and other mysterious subjects. We are real Bigfoot researchers ourselves and we like to interview real people who are having real experiences and willing to share them. We believe we have learned much of what we know today because of the hard work and sacrifice of America's Bigfoot researcher. We do try to keep the subject matter grounded and believable. Sometimes we are surprised by unbelievable claims during our broadcast and ask that you not present these beliefs as those of the Nite Callers crew. In this day of new age Bigfoot, we do try to hold a respectable level of science to the information shared on this program. We are not professionals, we are the working class, we are family. We welcome you to join us around our campfire every Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. as we learn about the mysterious realm of Bigfoot. Join the chat and be sure to like and share us on Facebook. You can also catch the show on our Youtube channel or the Stitcher app for NCBR on the go!

Robert W. Morgan

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In 1956 and while serving as a 2nd Class Petty Officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS Princeton, Robert W. Morgan had an encounter with what is now commonly termed a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. While hunting in the mountains of Mason County, Washington, he responded to the sounds of rustling in the brush uphill and behind him. There he spotted patches of blackish hair moving away quickly through the brush. Naturally, he assumed it was a bear. However, when it paused in a small opening, he found himself facing a large bipedal hominoid.This entity stood erect the entire time expressing surprise, indignation and curiosity – but not anger. Morgan himself felt amazed yet not threatened. After several moments of exchanging stares, Morgan chose to leave the area. As a young man from a steel town in Ohio, he had not yet heard of the Sasquatch or the Bigfoot. His attempt to report to local law enforcement his encounter with “an escaped gorilla” was not taken seriously. Worse, when he tried to share his story with his shipmates they also assumed he was joking. He angrily vowed to return to that area to repeat his encounter. It was those intelligent eyes that most intrigued him.(excerpt from About Robert Morgan, the Trueseekers website). To find out more about our legendary guest go to: The Soul Snatchers, written by Morgan deals with his personal work mainly among the Native Americans regarding the Forest Giants, but it also reports an encounter in Moscow, Russia, with a refugee Tibetan lama that brought all the “mysteries” into sharp focus. It is a “must read:” for anyone seriously interested in understanding why this research is often stymied by governments. Robert has also written an informative Field Manual revealing how you can learn to have positive results with this mysterious species. We encourage all our listeners to tune in this Sunday for this special and enigmatic guest, Mr. Robert W. Morgan.

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