Rob McConnell Interviews – VIVIAN OSAL – Spiritual Teacher, Trance Channeler, and Energy Healer

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Vivian has been in private practice since 2001, offering Integrated energy medicine, channeling and higher consciousness meditation. She assists individuals to heal emotions, find clarity and tap into the Universal Intelligence. Vivian creates a healing and transformative space during sessions and guides people to tap into the Creator within. Clients measure their success by the positive changes in their personal, professional and spiritual relationships; ultimately leading to more love, peace, happiness, and abundance.

She has long since been fascinated with the ideas of what factors hold us back along on our life’s journey and what liberates us. Vivian’s natural insightful ability to interact with people allows her to gain the necessary trust to guide her clients in releasing what no longer serves them. Combining her love for life and people, with her passion and gifts as an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Teacher and Spiritual Advisor she has not only completely altered her life but has been witness to transformative changes in the lives of her clients.