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After surviving emergency brain surgery in 2004, E. Haase created several multi-media works for one purpose: to communicate his vision concerning humanity’s role in earth’s environmental future. He received this information in a near death experience which occurred during a six-hour craniotomy to suture a burst aneurysm. His latest work stemming from this experience is the interactive book “Apocalypse Near”. The book is being released in several editions including e-books, audio books and traditional bound books containing links to supplementary media on the author’s websites. The book is a novelization of his screenplay of the same title. Haase’s first effort to communicate how humankind may achieve a symbiotic relationship with the environment was http://www.consciousconsumers.net. Haase feels much of this site was uploaded to his consciousness during an out of body experience while in surgery. Following a year of constant work on consciousconsumers.net Haase became despondent because he felt he wouldn’t reach enough people in time to avoid the horrible part of his vision of earth’s future. Haase asserts that during his near death experience he saw earth as if he was looking at it from space and watched it change into a dead, moon-like apparition. Haase said, “It happened in an instant; I saw the planet die of Consumption.

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