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Tommy grew up in North Bergen New Jersey and had his first encounter with a UFO when he was six years old, stopping his brother from being abducted. He came close to his first alien at the age of twelve with his friend in his own house. During those six years, he spent working with a deity (Green Tara ) which he found out who it was actually 12 years later. He learned Hypnosis at 14 and was fortunate to work with World-renowned mentalist the Amazing Kreskin. Then later an army hypnotist named Mel Protes, at the early age of sixteen. He was doing Group hypnosis as well, which later becomes what he called Past life Regressions, in the mid 70’s and later moved into psychic implant removals.
In the late 60’s he was working with a number one medium out of the New York psychic center, Pat Jordan, in which they did ghostbusting in and around New York and New Jersey. They created a covenant at the time. During that time he was learning much about psychic abilities. He became empathetic at the age of twenty-five, for one year, now spending much of his life in teaching about Soul Travel and out-of-body-experiences. At that time he began doing energy work under the Native Nation studying with a medicine woman for 26 years. From 19 to 40 he was doing stage magic and Native dancing. Since he was 25 doing fire-dancing around the US. He even danced on a few Islands now in Hawaii. During that whole time, he was involved in seeing many UFOs and working with Abductees. Tommy lectured for the Thunder-birds, Steven Greer’s group, the Edgar Casey group, Global Science Conferences around the US four about four years, while at the same time doing several Television shows and talking on many different radio shows The 26 years he spent studying with a medicine woman — Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf — and a Tibetan Master in the Vajra. He learned most of his past lives. Spent many years with an associate (Sargel18) doing UFO work at what is called the famous Wanique Vortex, New Jersey where they conducted investigations for years. They dealt with beings and creatures from different dimensions. Taking pictures of UFOs on a weekly basis in and around Wanaque. They were the first to go public filming orbs in front of people in New York City at the Newlife Expo in 1998. Later incorporated that into the talks. Taking people out at night shooting pictures of orbs. Later in his life, He finished three books. How to See God, When Truth is called Crazy, Truth Beyond the Illusion. His fourth most recent book The True Teaching of Jesus from God-realization.

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