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Tim Shurr is an exciting Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, and Author who empowers people to achieve success in record time. Instead of relying on luck or willpower, Tim will teach you how to create health, wealth, and peace of mind through conditioning yourself to overcome the odds and function at your fullest potential! Tim is also a Licensed Hypnotist and NLP trainer who has hypnotized over 30,000 people from all over the world. His experience has given him a unique insight into the human mind. With a deep understanding of human behavior, Tim has shared his expertise with those who desire the latest cutting edge personal development strategies for creating your life by design! As an expert in Psychological Sales Training, Motivation, Persuasion and Behavior Modification, Tim has spent over a decade coaching business professionals on the fundamentals of how to turn hopes and dreams into realities! – www.eliminatesabotage.com
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