Rob McConnell Interviews – T CASEY BRENNAN – Trigger Man of JFK Assassination and MK Ultra

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One of the more unusual conspiracy theories is that of T. Casey Brennan of Ann Arbor, Michigan. In a “slightly fictionalized” work entitled “Conjurella,” he alleges that he programmed for ten years by the U.S. government as part of MK-ULTRA and then kidnapped in 1963 and forced by David Ferrie to initiate the firing in Dallas. Brennan regrets that his work has been “promoted exclusively by Internet sensation-mongers, unaware of the seriousness of my statements.” Accordingly, he sent a letter to President Clinton (undated), with copies to the current Governor of Arkansas and to the Attorney General of the U.S., stating that he is “willing to make formal statements, to take lie detector tests, and to testify before Congress on my unwilling involvement with the JFK assassination, at the behest of MK-ULTRA.” Mr. Brennan wrote “Conjurella” after his career as an award-winning comic book writer.

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