Rob McConnell Interviews – SHELDON NORBERG – My Work as a Psychic House Cleaner

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Healing Houses: My Work as a Psychic House Cleaner – Have you ever walked into a house that just didn’t feel right? While physicists debate the mechanics, more of them are agreeing with psychics on the idea that we each affect the world, and each other, with our thoughts. While most of us ignore this sensitivity, some people just can’t. “People whose homes hold lasting impressions of the deaths or trauma of the previous owners can be seriously affected, and admitting to it can put them at odds with rationality. Ghosts or no ghosts, my clients find themselves affected by the feelings of their new home, and frequently adjusting their lives to them.” So explains author Sheldon Norberg, who details the phenomena in his new book, Healing Houses – My Work as a Psychic House Cleaner. Sheldon’s clients have run the gamut. He’s worked in major office buildings, been flown out to estates on private jets, and consulted for high-end realtors. Working through all sorts of paranormal activity, he’s cleared away energy left by people who’ve died, but which has revealed itself in such ways as bird attacks, rat infestations, bizarre accidents, physical ailments, and repetitive nightmares. Healing Houses maps out a sophisticated metaphysical perspective and traces its development through case studies of dozens of the houses Sheldon has worked in during his 20-year psychic career. It is his compassion for his clients, their homes, and for those whose remnant energy has manifested in some unforeseeable way, that makes this book a healing odyssey.